About Us

Naturopathic Medicine seeks to improve health by the use of nutrition, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, hydrotherapy, mind-body therapies, and more! At Oil + Water Naturopathic, we pride ourselves on evidence-based naturopathic recommendations. Naturopathic medicine is one of the oldest healing systems in the world. Along with diet, botanical medicine has been used for millennia to improve health outcomes.

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • Identify and Treat the Causes
  • First Do No Harm
  • Doctor as Teacher
  • Treat the Whole Person
  • Prevention

Our Mission

Oil + Water Naturopathic is a sister naturopathic duo united for the purpose of health empowerment. We believe that when patients are educated about their health and understood by their health care provider, the empowering journey can begin. As root-cause naturopathic doctors, we evaluate genes, environment, diet, and stress in disease.

Oil + Water Naturopathic

We are the right mix for you.

Oil + Water Naturopathic are sisters and naturopathic doctors on a mission. This is our mission:

  • Shifting chronic disease outcomes with evidence-based, science-based naturopathic modalities including nutrition, botanicals, mind-body medicine, and targeted nutraceuticals.
  • Increasing diversity, cultural awareness, and cultural competency in the integrative medicine arena.
  • Providing health education to underserved, underrepresented populations by promoting a plant-based lifestyle.
  • Dispelling biased uninformed health information and health trends.
*We are not MDs (medical doctors), DOs (osteopathic doctors), DCs (chiropractic doctors). We are NDs (naturopathic doctors).

Who we are

Krishna Muhammad

Hi! My name is Krishna Muhammad, one-half of Oil + Water Naturopathic. My journey into medicine began with a chronic gastrointestinal diagnosis at a young age. Conventional medicine failed me and on my search for alternatives, I found Naturopathic Medicine. My disease is currently in remission and has been for several years with the use of naturopathic modalities. Discovering the tools I needed to heal my body led me on a journey that catapulted me into the overwhelming world of unconventional medicine. Because of this, I have a special interest in helping others with chronic disease navigate the seas of functional, holistic medicine. I have also developed a special interest in evidence-based medicine, hormone imbalance, and fertility.

I dedicated one-year post graduate to residency focused in integrative medicine. During my time in residency, I worked alongside MDs and DOs implementing naturopathic modalities in a wide array of presenting diseases. I am also familiar with many non-conventional treatments such as IV therapy, ozone therapy, and plateletrich plasma. Working alongside conventional doctors has allowed me to understand the need for a balanced team-approach to healthcare.

Krishna Muhammad ND earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2017. After earning her ND, her residency was focused in regenerative medicine, functional medicine, hormonal health, and fertility. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Middle Tennessee State University in 2013. In her spare time, Krishna enjoys trying new foods, and exploring local museums.

Asia Muhammad

Hi! My name is Asia Muhammad, the other half of Oil + Water Naturopathic. My journey into Naturopathic Medicine has been an epiphany. I was initially on track to attend a conventional medical school but after rotating with multiple MDs and DOs, I knew there had to be more. Naturopathic medicine offers a chance to assess patients from a whole-person root-cause perspective. I am particularly interested in the role of naturopathic modalities in reversing health paradigms in underserved and underrepresented populations. I also have a special interest in gastroenterology, mind-body medicine, and stress management, as increasing research demonstrates the role of stress in disease.

I dedicated three years post-graduate to an independent residency at Arizona Digestive Health where I treated thousands of patients suffering with gastrointestinal disorders. I was able to study and learn directly under two MD gastroenterologists. During my training at Arizona Digestive Health, I was able to implement naturopathic therapies such as nutrition, biofeedback, supplementation, and botanical therapies to improve the lives of patients. Because of this unique training, I understand the necessary balance between conventional and non-conventional medicine.

Asia Muhammad ND earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014. She completed a residency focused in gastroenterology at Arizona Digestive Health. She received her BS in Chemistry and Biology from Middle Tennessee State University in 2010. She has received additional training in mind-body therapies, including hypnosis, guided imagery, biofeedback, autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. In her spare time, Asia enjoys adventures with her sisters!